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Our Commitment to Quality

Peak One Surgery Center is committed to providing quality service and extraordinary care to our patients and their families.  We provide exceptional, world-class care from the moment you arrive.  Our goal is to make you comfortable and well-informed during your time with us.  Our staff would like for you to experience this world class care from the moment you enter the facility.

For more information on our physicians’ Health grades scores, we encourage you to go to Health grades and search for them.

We believe extraordinary care leads to exceptional outcomes.

Clinical Quality Metrics

Monitoring our patient outcomes is very important to us.  Our ASC’s quality management program provides us with immediate feedback on care-related events which allows us to quickly address delivery of care issues.  Our ASC monitors performance measures important to us and our licensing and accreditation organizations.  These measures are benchmarked internally and regularly shared with our staff and governing board.  We also use external benchmarking to compare our performance against other ASCs.   Using our own data, we can focus our attention and resources in specific areas to improve patient care and day-to-day business activities.  Our goal is to optimize your experience while under our care, therefore we hope you will complete our patient satisfaction survey questionnaire.  This provides us with yet another opportunity to improve how we deliver care.

Some of the clinical quality metrics we track are surgical site infection rate, post-surgical hospital admission rate, and patient satisfaction score.  Please contact our office if you would like more detailed information at (970) 668-1458.