More than 22 physicians perform ear, nose and throat, general surgery, gastroenterology, gynecology, ophthalmology, orthopaedic, pain management, podiatry and spine procedures.

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We THANK the Community for the Renovations at Peak One Surgery Center

on May 8, 2015 in Events & News

Peak One Surgery Center would like to acknowledge the countless efforts of the individuals who assisted in the renovations for the surgery center following the flooding at the facility last December. Without their hard work and dedication, the Center would not have been restored to fully functional operations so quickly.

A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU for the combined efforts of Summit County Building Department and Lake Dillon Fire-Rescue. Our appreciation also extends to:

  •  All Flooring Design, Inc
  •  Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, Inc
  • B H Drywall & Specialties, Inc
  • Boulder Associates
  • Capco Title & Stone
  • Compute-ER
  • Cutting Edge Woodworking, Inc
  • Cyclone Kleen UpDenver Glass Interiors, Inc
  • Division 7, Inc
  • Ductworks
  • Encore Electric, Inc
  • E-Street
  • General Industries
  • Gregory Door and Window
  • Haynes Mechanical
  • Higgins
  • John Julian
  • Johnson Controls
  • Jordy Carter Finishings
  • Liquid Metal Works
  • More Space Place
  • Mountain Estate Accents, Inc
  • Peak Paint Corp
  • Point Mechanical
  • S & S Automatics and Door Service, LLC
  • St. Anthony Summit Medical Center
  • Strategic Fence
  • Summit Sealants, Inc
  • Summit Stone Works, Inc
  • Svens Signs
  • Tolin Mechanical
  • Travis Construction, Inc
  • United Drying/Kinder Carpet
  • Western States Fire Protection CO